Cheap Health Insurance in Wyoming (WY)

You do have most of the traditional options regarding medical insurance that you see elsewhere around the country that you also see in Wyoming. Companies like Golden Rule and Celtic come with their basic, but well thought medical insurance options for the citizens of Wyoming. There are a couple of companies involved in the medical insurance industry within Wyoming that do seem to be quite unique. These unique medical insurance companies would include Companion Life/Health Insurance and Altius One.

Companion One offers fourteen health insurance plans which are generally of the PPO nature. Altius One offers some twenty different health insurance plans around the state, generally of the Point of Service variety. An interesting medical insurance plan offered by Companion Life Insurance is the FreedomChoice plan has a ten thousand dollar deductible attached to it for the citizens of Wyoming. If you are going to pay ten thousand dollars a year for your medical insurance deductible you ought to have plenty of freedom and choices with which to select the best health care for you so FreedomChoice is hopefully an appropriate name for the citizens of Wyoming when it comes to their needs and desires.

There seems to be a struggle out there to get coverage to people when they are traveling outside of the country as well. Whether it is Aetna, Atilus One or Celtic for example they seem to not want to or are unable to cover Wyoming’s citizens when they are out of the country.

An interesting fact about the FreedomChoice plan is that there is an extra two hundred and fifty dollar deductible for prescription drug coverage per year. The prescription drug plan covers a total of three people. This means that you would be able to cover two of your kids and their needs for medication, but not be able to cover yourself. I know medical insurance companies struggle with how to meet the prescription drug needs of their customers, but if all of the members of your family need allergy medication on a regular basis you could very well be in trouble. This can be particular scary because even with a yearly deductible that can range from 500 to ten thousand dollars a year you may need that allergy medication.