Why you need medical insurance

Many people look at medical insurance as an unnecessary expense; something that they don’t need because they are young or in good health. But let’s take a look at the facts:

According to the American Heart Association, “50 percent of men and 64 percent of women who died suddenly of Coronary Heart Disease had no previous symptoms of this disease.” That’s a staggering amount of people that thought, they too, were healthy before suffering a fatal heart attack.

Even if you were fortunate to survive a heart attack, or other major health related set back, how would you go about paying your hospital care, doctor bills, prescription medicine, and other health related costs, WITHOUT medical insurance?

For arguments sake, let’s say that we eliminate three of the common illness that cause unexpected problems, or death. Heart attack, stroke, and cancer. For a moment, we’ll pretend those devastating illness do not even exist. Even with them out of the picture, however, some of the most standard medical procedures can cost a fortune out of pocket, and whether we like it or not, we put ourselves at risk for an accident or injury every single day. Take for example:

Driving to work – Sure, you’re an excellent driver. But can you say the same about everyone else around you? Anytime you get in a car, you can be injured. It takes a split second, and without good medical coverage, you could be paying for that injury for many, many years.

Walking to the park – No way you can get injured walking to the park, right? WRONG! What if a bystander quickly maneuvers in front of you, causing you to fall? A broken leg, or arm, would be a very costly injury. But with medical insurance, your bills would likely be cut in half, or possibly even more.

Eating the wrong foods – Greasy hamburgers, creamy ice cream, or even a big juicy steak…… they taste delicious, but can cause high cholesterol, clog arteries, and effect your health in a negative way. BE PREPARED for the worst case scenario, and protect yourself (and your family) with medical insurance coverage.

Apparently, more people are understanding the need for medical insurance. In the year 2007, the number of people with health insurance increased to 253.4 million. That’s up from 249.8 million in 2006. Undoubtedly this number will continue to rise, as more and more individuals are learning that it PAYS to have a good health coverage plan.

Think you can’t afford the monthly premium for medical insurance? You may be surprised! Most medical insurance companies will allow you to select higher annual deductibles to lower monthly payments, and oftentimes you can pick and choose what type of coverage you need and don’t need. If a typical doctor’s office visit would cost $ 75.00, and you only pay a co-pay of $ 20 – $ 25, you can see how quickly you’ll be able to save money in doctor’s visits alone.

Stop waiting, and get covered by medical insurance today. You’ll be glad you did.