Cheap Health Insurance in Vermont (VT)

Finding affordable medical insurance in the Green Mountain State does seem somewhat easier when you compare it to the availability of medical insurance in other states. Blue Cross/Blue Shield has their typical plan where you pay a fifteen hundred dollar deductible and that covers eighty percent of your medical costs and you have a twenty percent copayment to make up. This is your basic HMO based plan which many employers in the state of Vermont prefer to use because they can trust the accuracy of Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide medical insurance for their employees as Blue Cross does for so many people around the country.

Doctor visits regarding the approved doctors on your Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield list usually have a twenty or twenty five dollar copayment. As far as prescription drugs go the costs for a generic can typically be around thirty dollars while the brand name medication is around forty five dollars cost out of pocket.

Vermont Captive Insurance on the other hand captures the most vulnerable of its customers in the sense that Vermont Captive does try and insure those who are in professions that are dangerous and most likely to be injured while on the job. This is the kind of insurance for people who work on high voltage power lines like an experienced electrician would or those who do open top coal mining to provide fuel for the people of Vermont and the rest of the country. These types of jobs are hard to find a medical insurance provider for so the people of Vermont should be grateful that Captive Insurance is indeed there to provide medical insurance.

Captive also uses a little state pride in their advertising game, using a green mountain as a logo. Golden Rule also offers medical insurance to the people of Vermont. They have a plan available to the people of Vermont with a twenty five hundred dollar premium involved with very little copayments involved. Of course you do tend to run into the same problems with Golden Rule medical insurance that you do with other medical insurance companies, that being that it is quite a task to get coverage when you are out of the country and that it is even more difficult to get prescription medicine paid for if it has to be imported.