Cheap Health Insurance in Utah (UT)

The Beehive State that is Utah does have plenty of private sector companies who offer good medical insurance options to their citizens. The state of Utah prides itself in that fact. Altius, which is a medical insurance company that you see offering plans in other Western states like Wyoming also offers medical insurance in the state of Utah. Altius Peak Plus Plans must be good for those mountain states. The Altius Peak Plus eight percent plan has a two thousand dollar deductible attached to it along with a twenty percent copayment. The two thousand dollar deductible does not sound like an unreasonable sum for many of Utah’s citizens. This is a Point of Service medical insurance plan.

Once again we are not seeing a medical insurance company offer up the option of mail order prescription drugs. This is unfortunate given the fact that some medications do have to be imported. Some of the reason behind the fact that many medical insurance companies, not just in Utah, but around the country do not provide mail order options for medication is indeed product liability. Some medical insurance companies may be afraid that the drugs their customers order from overseas locations are simply not safe and they want to wash their hands of any potential disaster.

The office visits to see a specialist do jump a total of fifteen dollars under this plan to a thirty five dollar copayment. This is in comparison to a typical twenty dollar copayment in order to see your primary care physician. This seems like a reasonable measure on the part of this Utah medical insurance option. Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah is also another company that provides another medical insurance option for the people of Utah.

Regence even offers employers medical insurance plans that are health savings account eligible. Sometimes you just can’t plan for disasters that might happen to yourself so having a health savings account in order to pay for the long term costs that medical issues may cause you to pay is well worth the one thousand dollar to five thousand dollar deductible plans that a Utah employer can chose between with Blue Cross Blue Shield.