Cheap Health Insurance in Texas (TX)

Medical insurance in Texas can be expensive for those who may live in poverty within the state, but for those who can afford medical insurance there are plenty of options available. Because of the high number of elderly citizens who live in Texas partially due to the fact that the state has no state income tax the AARP has a high number of members within the state. This means that the AARP does play a role in providing medical insurance to some of the citizens of Texas. This is why the AARP has decided to build a partnership with Aetna in order to make sure that some of their members within the state of Texas have the medical care that they need and deserve.

The AARP/Aetna plans are PPO type plans that do offer the customer more options then the typical HMO plan because you are more likely to get a chance to see a doctor that is truly outside of a specific network. This may grant you the access to see your primary care physician at the most reasonable copayment after your deductible is met as possible. The premier fifteen hundred plan offered through the AARP has a fifteen hundred dollar deductible attached to it along with a twenty percent copayment for office visits.

The copayment to see a specialist under this plan is ten dollars higher then it is to see your primary care physician. Specialists do typically cost more so it is good to realize that fact right off the bat. It depends upon how detailed the work is that the specialist has to do as to whether you need another doctor’s referral or not to guarantee that Aetna will pay their eighty percent or not. The particularly good thing about this plan is that the leadership of the Texas AARP are the ones who hammered out the details of this medical insurance plan and if you have a problem or an issue where your AARP membership is not being acknowledged then you can contact your Texas AARP representatives as soon as possible because they are easily accessible through a phone call.

This plan also does not cover you when you are out of the country unless you are talking about emergency care only.