Medical Insurance in South Dakota (SD)

Medical insurance in South Dakota lacks a lot of the usual names that you see when researching the medical insurance industry. You do see a couple of fairly rare names as companies in the medical insurance field go. Those companies being Medica and Avera. Medica for example has Health Savings Account eligible plans, but this is probably of the eighteen hundred dollar deductible attached to some of their medical insurance plans in South Dakota. Medica also offers out of network coverage with their PPO plans given that it is a PPO plan you can get the medical insurance and service at any registered clinic in South Dakota.

The fact that these accounts are Health Savings Account eligible should not get you too excited because the federal government will begin to get suspicious of you having an illegal tax shelter from time to time if you put too much money in your Health Savings Account so there is a cap on that amount. There are a couple of the Medica plans that pay one hundred percent of your costs with no copayment involved, but the deductibles involved with those medical insurance plans are between two thousand and four thousand dollars or more. So they should cover certainly mostly every kind of procedure or office visit.

For example there is no charge involved with even a visit to an OBGYN to deal with child birth after the deductible is met. This would be amazing coverage, but you have to ask exactly how many South Dakota citizens can afford medical insurance with a deductible of over four thousand dollars. There is not even an extra charge for prescription drug coverage. This is true whether you are dealing with generic or brand name prescription medication.

Avera medical insurance plans on the other hand are HMO based. Avera My Plan number three has a five thousand dollar deductible and a thirty percent copayment attached to it. This is high even for an HMO based plan. Generic brand medications only have a ten dollar copayment attached to them, but the brand name medication can be as high as twenty percent. The mail order medication option is the one major bonus of this medical insurance plan. The amount of copayment regarding a specialist or a general practice physician is the same percentage of cost, but of course the specialist will hand you a larger bill in the end.