Medical Insurance in South Carolina (SC)

With the very physical nature of many of the industrial professions within South Carolina the need for medical insurance within the state is paramount. You can even find a plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield within the state of South Carolina that will offer you medical insurance for less than fifty dollars a month. WellPath Select Insurance certainly wants to get a South Carolinian on the path to affordable health insurance with their twenty Point of Service medical insurance plans around the state.

Well Path is actually a subsidiary of CoventryOne medical insurance so they are indeed the same company generally speaking when you hear about WellPath and Coventry. Coventry One Plan 9 which is a POS has a three thousand dollar a year deductible and a fifty dollar copayment involved with all office visits. The main reason for that high deductible is that with Coventry One Plan 9 you have actually found a company that does offer out of country medical insurance to the citizens of South Carolina. This is a rarity for a medical insurance company to do as you will find out when you research companies who want to offer you medical insurance.

The occasional check up with your doctor still carries a twenty five dollar copayment. If you are having a child and need to see a specialist that can be around a fifty dollar copayment per visit. A good thing about the Coventry Plan 9 option is that you do not need referrals in order to go see that specialist. There aren’t as many restrictions regarding a POS plan as there are with a basic HMO plan, which may be what most South Carolina citizens are most accustomed to.

CoventryOne Plan 24 on the other hand typically has hire copayments and coinsurance costs because it has a deductible involved that is twice as low as fifteen hundred dollars a month. The plan’s benefits are not as snazzy and helpful, but at least there is some prescription drug coverage involved although not as many people are allowed to be covered under the prescription drug plan as people with large families would prefer.