Medical Insurance in Rhode Island (RI)

Rhode Island has a vibrant private health insurance market that is ready to offer competitive bids to anyone in Rhode Island seeking medical insurance. There are resources out there to compare medical insurance quotes side by side within Rhode Island. Some of the most prominent national medical insurance companies play a prominent role within the state of Rhode Island. Kaiser Permanente in particular plays a big role within the non-profit child care/medical insurance field within Rhode Island. They do train their nurses and pay their staff so even as a non-profit offering medical insurance of some kind someone has to flip the bill. When a parent is struggling with those early days of raising their child it is important to have someone to lean on for advice, counsel and just outright assistance. Make no mistake about it even though some of the plans to help for these services only cover seventy percent of the costs while the rest has to come out of your pocket the services that Kaiser Permanente provides within Rhode Island are invaluable.

Aetna also has a presence within the Rhode Island medical insurance market. Aetna does not have an affaliation with the AARP of Rhode Island to provide medical insurance to their members, but Aetna certainly does offer plans in Rhode Island. Students can actually receive Aetna medical insurance in Rhode Island for less than a dollar a day. I suppose Aetna is banking on the fact that people will stay with them in order to receive their long term medical insurance coverage. This is one of the ways they can justify offering such a low rate to students when they have to explain this to people who hold a stake in the company.

CIGNA appears to me to also be willing to offer a few medical insurance plans within Rhode Island that are Health Savings Account eligible. These type of plans are few and far between due to the bureaucracy involved with Health Savings Accounts. The monthly premiums that you have to pay with these plans also tend to scare people off because they are so large.