Cheap Health Insurance in Pennsylvania (PA)

Medical insurance in Pennsylvania is a subject that so many in the private sector understand is not a one size fits all proposition. It is understood that people want plenty of options when it comes to their medical insurance. In fact Blue Cross Independence is one of those medical insurance companies that is out there that understands the independent streak that so many Pennsylvanians have. Independence Blue Cross offers six HMO style medical insurance plans across the state. One of the Keystone HMO Deductible plans has a two thousand five hundred dollar deductible attached to along with a thirty percent copay.

There is no separate prescription drug deductible with the Keystone 2500. You must be carrying a BlueCard Worldwide in order to receive health benefits outside of the country. If you are not carrying the card you are not likely to receive access to the proper facilities and receive the proper health care. Under the Keystone 2500 plan you do need a referral in order to see a specialist. The copayments can be around thirty dollars just to see the specialists in these situations. This really isn’t a bad copayment to see a specialist, sometimes they can rise to the forty five or fifty dollar range depending upon the type of work that needs to be done under some medical insurance plans. The hope is that the only time when you will need to pay the copayment is when you are going in for an annual physical examination and will stay otherwise healthy the rest of the year, for a good number of years.

If you are looking for a smaller operation to handle your medical insurance needs, you can always try Geisinger Health Options. There may be a better chance to speak directly to a local representative with a Geisinger Health Options medical insurance plan. Geisinger Quality Options are PPO based medical insurance plans. Geisinger does appear to offer the people of Pennsylvania the option of quality prescription drug coverage and the possibility of covering the birth and some of the maternity leave costs under an optional PPO Plan number six. The optional prescription drug benefit also does include the possibility of receiving mail order prescriptions, but I am sure that they are likely to slap an extra surcharge on to your bill in those situations.