Cheap Health Insurance in Nevada (NV)

Nevada is an interesting state in regards to medical insurance because some of the casinos actually carry medical insurance plans for their casino workers while others are not as lucky. You do tend to see a lot of the focus within Nevada being placed on an employer based medical insurance plan to help quash the problem. The Health Plan of Nevada has six HMO related options which is affillated with the Distinct Advantage company for medical insurance in Nevada. The Distinct Advantage POS option 3 has a five hundred dollar deductible and indeed a twenty percent co-payment involved.

Office visits regarding specialists can cost forty five dollars under a POS option three plan. The cool thing about a POS plan is that you do have out of country coverage available, but still lack the health savings account potential. As far as prescription drugs go, indeed the generics are far less expensive then the brand name medication. POS stands for a point of service medical insurance plan for those who are wondering. You get more choices of when exactly you receive the health care services under a POS plan.

There is also a more conventional medical insurance plan being offered in Nevada that is seventy/thirty plan offered by Celtic Insurance. With the seventy/thirty plan offered by Celtic you can see any doctor you want with the plan, whether or not the doctor is in your network or not. It is only a one thousand dollar deductible tied to the Celtic 70/30 plan. It is a twenty five dollar copayment system for the Celtic seventy/thirty plan. The confusing thing about the seventy/thirty plan is that the cost of prescription drugs as far as the rate charged is the same whether you are talking about a generic or brand name medication. I have to question the logic behind that because it truly doesn’t reward the smart purchasing decision of buying the generic medication.

Things like OBGYN visits are an optional add on for Nevada residents who need medical insurance and may want to start a family in the future. There are some pretty reasonable rates regarding things like outpatient surgery where you only have to cover thirty percent of your medical costs, hence the seventy/thirty plan.