Cheap Health Insurance in Montana (MT)

With so many rugged lifestyles such as ranching and farming being the choice of the self employed within Montana the need for affordable medical insurance in Montana is evident. This is why most of the focus needs to be upon making sure the self employed in particular of Montana’s citizens need options laid out for them as far as their medical insurance. The Montana Comprehensive Health Association in a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one organization that Montanans can turn to when seeking out medical insurance.

The main plan under the Montana Comprehensive Health Association is your basic PPO program. If you stick with one of their approved physicians within their network they will cover seventy to eighty percent of your medical insurance costs after you meet your deductible depending upon your qualifications. Some of these PPO programs actually work fairly well given that Montana ranks eighth in the nation in preventing cardiovascular disease and eighth in the nation in preventing disease through airborne pollution as noted by the UnitedHealth Foundation.

Kaiser Permenente is one of those companies that plays a large role in providing Montanans health insurance. Most of their medical insurance plans within Montana lack true clarity as to how they would provide vision or dental care for a child of a self employed Montana resident. Clear Essential is probably the Montana health insurance company that gives you the clearest options in my opinion. For example the Clear Essential 2500 has a two thousand five hundred dollar deductible, but with zero copayment. One negative of the Clear Essential 2500 plan is that despite it having no extra payments after the deductible is met there is still an extra charge on prescription drug coverage.

Like most Americans, Montanans struggle looking for ways to pay for their prescription drugs. The one hundred dollar extra charge for an individual is too high for people who may have a limited income to begin with. Another odd thing regarding the prescription drug plan is that a generic and a brand name are charged at the same rate. Now obviously a generic is almost always going to be cheaper, but Clear Essential should reward their customers who are smart enough to select the generic over the brand name with a smaller rate. Smart consumers should not be punished and Montanans are smart people when seeking out which company they want to provide them with their medical insurance.