Cheap Health Insurance in Mississippi (MS)

Medical insurance in Mississippi must be difficult for some people to obtain because the state of Mississippi has some of the highest rates of uninsured people in the nation. Golden Rule medical insurance has thirty nine different plans available to citizens in Mississippi. There is one particular Golden Rule plan within Mississippi that is called the Plan 80. It is an 80/20 plan after a ten thousand dollar deductible. You would hope that Golden Rule would be able to drive that down to a five thousand dollar deductible given that so many within the borders of Mississippi are impoverished. For your ten thousand dollar deductible you are not even Health Savings account eligible and if you can hurt or fall sick outside the country you are only allowed emergency room care. That doesn’t sound like top notch medical insurance in Mississippi for that kind of deductible.

A good thing about the Plan 80 is that they do cover most of childhood immunizations or most of the child birthing process. The three thousand dollar maximum coverage for any kind of prescription drug year sounds like a lot, but for those people with a chronic illness that kind of limited medical insurance will fly by. This is another example of the doughnut hole which we are likely to see with plans like Medicare Part D. This sort of thing very well may drive some senior citizens nuts even if they are lucky enough to have medical insurance in Mississippi.

Another Golden Rule medical insurance plan in Mississippi is the Plan 100. The Plan 100 has a fifteen hundred dollar deductible and no co-payment of any kind. This sounds like the kind of medical insurance plan that more of Mississippi’s residents could afford. You can even get out of network doctors to help you with your ailments if you trust them over a hand picked doctor by Golden Rule. One negative thing about the Plan 100 which is offered as medical insurance in Mississippi it does not allow for mail order prescription drug coverage.

If you need some sort of exotic medication or some other cheaper substitute that you can order through the mailing process you are indeed out of luck. Things such as prenatal and postnatal office visits are considered an optional benefit. The same thing stands as far as the labor and delivery of the actual child. There is emergency room care for its customers under the Plan 100 medical insurance.