Cheap Health Insurance in Michigan (MI)

With Michigan having the highest unemployment rate in the state it has become increasingly hard for Michigan residents to find the necessary medical insurance that they need to fill even their most basic of needs. For an example of the kind of medical insurance that can be found within the state of Michigan, The Health Alliance offers Michigan residents a choice of twelve PPO based plans or two EPO based plans. The EPOs are a First Dollar Network Plan that includes no prescription coverage of any kind.

EPO stands for Exclusive provider organization plan. Under the EPO plan your copay continues as you are assigned to see a more unique physician potentially for each visit. For example your copayment to see your primary care physician is only twenty five dollars. You are limited to four visits a year with your primary care physician before you have to start paying out of your own pocket. If you have to see a specialist under the EPO plan provided by the Health Alliance, the medical insurance gets even more costly. Your copayment raises to forty dollars per visits and once again you are limited to four visits a year to see a specialist before you have to begin paying out of your own pocket instead of a medical insurance company in Michigan paying the costs. You are not eligible for any kind of Health Savings Accounts benefits under this Exclusive provider organization plan.

One of the most reasonable PPOs provided to Michigan residents who are seeking medical insurance appears to the Solo 1200. The Solo 1200 plan of course has a twelve hundred dollar yearly deductible as you may have guessed. There is a thirty percent copayment for most visits, no matter what kind of physician you are going to see after the twelve hundred deductible. This would be considered a high copayment particularly for those who are out of job and currently seeking employment of some kind.

One good thing in particular about the Solo 1200 Plan is that no specialist referrals are required. This way you don’t have to pay another copayment to your primary care physician just to check to see if it is okay for you to visit this specialist or that specialist. They also have a logic prescription drug plan with this type of medical insurance. The generic brand is half as cheap as the brand name medication. This sort of price rewards smart purchasing practices.