Cheap Health Insurance in Massachusetts (MA)

The fact of the matter is that the health care plan that was passed by the Massachusetts legislature and signed by Governor Deval Patrick has changed the dynamics of how people can access medical insurance in the state of Massachusetts. New England Health Plans Inc. still offers medical insurance particularly for families and the self employed who are not comfortable with the public option. Frankly, the biggest problem with the public option from a medical insurance standpoint is that you have Massachusetts residents paying for medical insurance for issues that they do not have. Some have argued that the private sector like Blue Cross Blue Shield is truly the best option for medical insurance due to the fact that the legislation with the public sector seems like a mandate that still leaves some people short.

Because of the mandate requiring people to carry medical insurance in Massachusetts there are resources like the Commonwealth Connector who go out and try to find the best medical insurance options for you. You can apply for a Certificate of Exemption, but the application process can be difficult particularly if you don’t have easy access to phone service or some other form of communication that is necessary to express your needs and desires. The Certificate of Exemption is a two or three page form, but you can see these rejected due to income amounts being too high not to carry health insurance or on some other technicality.

Medical insurance should be about fitting your needs, not satisfying the goals of bureaucrats. Commonwealth Connections will even help those who are unemployed and currently seeking work find an alternative to COBRA if they are not satisfied with the services they are getting from the COBRA system. It can be difficult to find an alternative to COBRA that is truly satisfactory, but Commonwealth Connections sure will try. Some people within the state of Massachusetts who are unemployed would potentially not even be able to pay their COBRA premiums even without the recent economic stimulus package having a provision within it that increase the amount of money that the federal government was willing to contribute to the program.