Cheap Health Insurance in Louisiana (LA)

The dynamics involved in receiving medical insurance within the state of Louisiana are forever changing as the population within the state has seen an overall decrease in recent years. This tends to maybe shine a broader spotlight on those who are uninsured or under insured as they still left in the state of Louisiana. For example Fortis health insurance company which provides medical insurance within the state of Louisiana appears to be a very good short term option for young students who need medical insurance at Tulane for example, but truly lacks the affordable options as far as health screenings for the older population within the state of Louisiana. Prescription drug coverage becomes unaffordable as it does in so many medical insurance situations.

Fortis does offer a good affordable premium for dental screenings or semi annual cleanings when it comes to dental insurance. You may want to go with something a little bit more nationally known like a Celtic medical insurance plan, even though Fortis has been around since 1892 after doing my research it does appear that a company like Celtic may be more accessible to the average Louisiana citizen. For example, a twenty two year old non-married, non-smoker would likely only have to pay a little over seventy four dollars a month in the state of Louisiana for medical insurance under a Celtic plan.

Cetic would offer their eighty/twenty plan in this situation. This would mean the person seeking the medical insurance would have to pay the fifteen hundred dollar deductible and a twenty percent co-payment after the fact. Celtic is typically involved in a PPO system so you would likely have to see one of their preferred doctors. Office visits themselves would likely cost nearly forty dollars per visit, so hopefully you would not have to access this medical insurance too often.

The interesting thing about the Celtic eighty/twenty plan is that there is a limit of two thousand dollars a year that the average Louisiana citizen would get to spend on prescription drugs. There is also a five million dollar lifetime limit that you can spend on medical insurance in total, so you better hope that you do suffer a long term illness that would require something like chemotherapy or else you may be dropped off the medical insurance rolls. I guess such a situation would prove that all good things must come to an end.