Cheap Health Insurance in Kansas (KS)

Medical insurance provides payment or reimbursement for healthcare related expenses. Kansas mandates certain minimum benefits to be included in most of its group and individual policies, but many of the specific expenses covered vary with the policy purchased.

In Kansas, medical insurance is regulated by the Kansas Insurance Commissioner. The agency’s website at provides detailed information for Kansas consumers, including guide to Health Insurance in Kansas, a complaint report, and extensive Medicare information.

Insurance is available through employers or can be purchased by an individual. The majority of Kansas residents with private insurance are covered by group insurance provided by employers. The benefits of employer based insurance vary based on what each employer chooses to negotiate with the insurance company. Some employers offer more than one set of benefits and employees can choose the benefits and rates that best meet their needs. The cost of the premium may be paid entirely by the employer or it may be shared between the employer and emploiyee. Kansas mandates certain minimum benefits to be included in group policies.

Consumers apply for individual health insurance in Kansas must fill out an application form with questions about their past health history. Coverage can exclude pre-existing conditions for up to 24 months. Companies can also require an elimination rider which permanently excludes a specific named condition from coverage on a permanent basis. Kansas mandates certain minimum benefits to be included in individual policies.

The Kansas Health Insurance Association (KIHA) is a high risk pool that offers coverage for those who cannot obtain it from a private company. Generally, residency in Kansas for at least six months is required, but there are exceptions for those with prior group coverage.

Kansas has a Prompt Pay Act that, in general, requires insurers to process clean claims (those they have all the required information for) within 30 days. If more information is needed to process the claim, that information must be requested within 30 days. More information on the Prompt Pay Act and how to report violations can be found at

The largest insurance companies in Kansas include Aetna Life Insurance Company, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc., Preferred Health Systems Insurance Company, United Healthcare Insurance Company, Humana Insurance Company, Coventry Health & Life Insurance Company, American Family Life Assurance Company Columbus.