Cheap Health Insurance in Idaho (ID)

Health or medical insurance provides payment or reimbursement for health care related expenses. There is no standard policy and items covered vary among policies. For example, one policy may pay for annual check ups and another maynot.

In Idaho, medical insurance is regulated by the Department of Insurance. The agency’s website at provides detailed information for Idaho consumers, including a Shopping Guide for Health Insurance, a complaint report, and extensive Medicare information.

The majority of Idaho residents with private insurance are have group insurance through their employers, based on a schedule of rates and benefits employers negotiate with insurance companies. In Idaho, an insurer can impose a waiting period to receive coverage for conditions treated within the past six months, unless the employee provides proof of previous qualifying insurance coverage. The employer determines how much of the premium they will pay and how much employees will pay.

Companies that provide insurance through Idaho employers include Aetna Life Insurance Company, Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service Inc, Group Health Options, Inc., PacificSource Health Plans, Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, Inc., Principal Life Insurance Company, and United Healthcare Insurance Company.

Individual health insurance is available to Idaho residents, but an application can be denied coverage based on past health experience. A company must provide a written explanation of why coverage was denied and must also offer individuals their choice of five High Risk Reinsurance Pool Plans (HRP Plans). The five types of plans provide varying levels of coverage and cost, depending on the consumer’s need. More information on the HRP plans can be found at

Insurers licensed to offer individual coverage are Aetna Life Insurance Company, American Republic Insurance Company, Primary Health Network, Inc., Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc., John Alden Life Insurance Company, Mega Life and Health Insurance Company, PacificSource Health Plans, Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, Inc., Time Insurance Company, and World Insurance Company.

Idaho has a Mental Health Parity Act (MHPA) Act, established in 1996 which strives to establish equality between mental health benefits and medical/surgical benefits. MHPA does not require that all companies provide mental health benefits, but those that do must meet certain minimum standards. More information on MHPA can be found at