Cheap Health Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

Basic services like medical insurance can be hard to secure out there on the island of Hawaii. The people of Alaska tend to have a common bond over statehood issues and obtaining some of the luxuries that the people in the upper forty eight have as well. On so many commercials and fine print you will see things written like this service or item is not available in Hawaii or Alaska. There does appear to be more medical insurance options available in Alaska when comparing to Hawaii however. They have medical insurance companies like Aetna and ODS Alaska within their borders. This could be due to the fact that companies realize that the more dangerous labor intensive the tasks that they ask their employees to do the more likely they are going to have to find medical insurance options for them to use.

This is why it is so important to have advocacy groups like the AARP offering medical insurance to their members so they can have some sort of medical insurance in their golden years. The AARP does not offer their Premier Individual Medical Insurance Plan to those citizens 50-64 in the Honolulu area, but they will assist you in finding the right kind of Medicare supplement.

The problem with some of the Medicare supplements is that just like any other kind of medical insurance your premiums are likely to go up as you smoke and Hawaii did rank eighth in the nation for prevalence of smoking according to a recent study conducted by the National Institute of Health. Kaiser Permente is the other major medical insurance carrier in the state of Hawaii. Really, your options are limited in that fine state. Kaiser does have a strong relationship with the nursing community and has been known to be able to broker deals for patients when it comes to home health care services covered by medical insurance.

The lack of medical insurance options within Hawaii has made some factions turn to self medicine and self training when it comes to taking care of their family members and becoming physicians. You would hope a quality company like the Golden Rule would move into the situation and one day be able to offer medical insurance to many of the resort workers and island laborers that currently appear to go without medical insurance in most cases.