Guide for Healthy and Happy Kids!

One of the most exciting times in our lives is when we hear the news that we are expecting a baby. A baby brings a new life full of excitement and promise to the lives of the people surrounding him or her. Babies begin life with a clean slate and grow into whatever they choose to be. However, unless the baby is raised in a bubble where they can not be subjected to anything that can be harmful, parents need to be concerned about the health and welfare of the child.

Parents need to be alert to potential health issues throughout the child’s development. As a baby, parents need to make sure that the child goes to the doctors on a regular basis and receives needed healthy baby shots. By going to the doctors on a timely basis, you will be preventing babies from developing needless health issues and can assist in spotting potential health problems.

As children grow and develop through the toddler and pre-teen years, the health issues continue to need to be monitored. During these developmental years, issues such as ADD, nutrition, bullying and many other topics need to be addressed in order to keep children healthy and well. Issues continue through the teen age years where additional concerns such as peer pressure, behavior and developmental concerns that teens face while growing into adulthood.

These, along with others, are concerns that parents need to be cognizant of as children continue to grow. To assist parents and children in remaining safe and healthy, we have consulted with experts in the field to put together these helpful resources. We hope this is helpful in assisting your children in remaining healthy.

Healthy Babies

  • Baby Health Guide – Information for parents on how to keep a baby healthy.
  • Baby Health Checkup – Informative web page which covers many different topics pertaining to baby health.
  • Pregnancy Center – Useful information for mothers to be on how to have a healthy baby through a healthy pregnancy.
  • Baby Health and Safety – Page which helps guide parents though the maze of having a healthy baby.
  • Baby Safety – Helpful page which offers helpful tips on how to keep babies safe.

Healthy Toddlers and Infants

Healthy Kids

  • Kids Health – Parent information covering many parts of keeping kids healthy.
  • Children’s Health Center – Portal of information which discusses most of the important aspects of children’s health.
  • Health Games – PBS page which has games and activities to help kids learn about health.
  • Health Fun and Games – Resourceful page which contains a number of different activities for kids.
  • Healthy Habits for Life – Kid friendly page which has information and activities which teach about health topics.

Healthy Teens

  • Teen Health – Page which has information and advice on keeping teens healthy.
  • Teen Health and Wellness – Web site which is a source of various topics of concern for teenagers.
  • Tween and Teen Health – Informative page which talks about issues of importance to the health of teens and pre-teens.
  • Teen Information – Helpful web site which deals with many of the pressing issues which teenagers face.
  • Teen Health – Useful source of information that discusses health issues which are important to teens.

Exercise and Kids

  • Exercise and Children – Article from the Heart Association which explains the importance of exercise for children.
  • Diet and Exercise – Helpful page which tells how changing your diet and exercise can be an important part of health.
  • Let’s Move – Informative government site which outlines the importance of exercise for kids.
  • Information and Resources – Collections of information, facts and resources which can help kids in being active and health.
  • Benefits of Exercise – Information that can help parents keep children healthy and active by discussing the benefits of exercise.

Nutrition and Kids

  • Kids and Nutrition – Informative page which discusses many topics about nutrition and how it affects kids.
  • Nutrition and Fitness – Resourceful page which has information on many important topics for kids.
  • Nutrition for Kids – A guide for kids which can help create a guideline for a healthy diet.
  • Kids and Teens – Information for kids and teens from the FDA on proper diet and health.
  • Health and Nutrition Information – Government resource which contains information and activities for kids to learn about nutrition.