Cheap Health Insurance in Georgia (GA)

If you or your dependants are part of the residents in Georgia who have no health insurance then you may want to read on. There are in the neighborhood of around 18% of residents in Georgia without health insurance, this is in line with the amount of uninsured in the surrounding states. There are those who are uninsured by choice, however there are others who would love to have health insurance but due to no fault of their own they remain uninsured. If you reside in Georgia and do not have currently have health insurance then you need to know your options.

Depending upon your circumstances, there are certain policies in place in Georgia that can help you with your health insurance. Here is a brief guide to some of the programs and policies concerning health insurance in Georgia.

For workers who have lost their job and their health insurance with the job there is COBRA. COBRA is a federal law that allows you to keep your health insurance for up to 36 months after you have lost your job, if you worked for a company that had 20 or more workers. Former workers over 60 under Georgia law may be eligible to maintain coverage until they find another group policy or are eligible for Medicare. However, if a person keeps their insurance through COBRA they will have to pay the premium out of their own pocket. In addition, under Georgia law, if you worked for a company with fewer than 20 workers, you may be able to pay to keep your insurance for 3 months.

Another program in Georgia is PeachCare. PeachCare is a program that is designed to provide insurance for children in Georgia who have no health insurance. It is fairly inexpensive and there are no deductibles or co-payments that have to be paid for children who are covered under PeachCare. To qualify a child must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident and their family must make less than $51,818 for a family of four and less than $43,029 for a family of three.

An additional program that a person without health insurance might apply for is Medicaid. Medicaid is for those who cannot afford to purchase insurance and who fall under certain incomes or circumstances that would make them eligible.

For additional information on healthcare insurance in Georgia, you should contact Georgia’s SHIP program.