Cheap Health Insurance in Delaware (DE)

Medical insurance in Delaware can be easily accessible if you do indeed know where to look. The same problems facing the Delaware medical insurance system are the same issues facing the entire country as a whole. Things such as preexisting conditions are hard to get medical insurance in order to deal with them. Some of the basic medical insurance premiums are in place within the state of Delaware.

There is Blue Cross, Blue Shield with their fifteen hundred dollar deductible for adults regarding basic hospitalization or cancer screen medical insurance coverage. Blue Cross, Blue Shield appears to offer medical insurance to most medium and small sized business owners as well. They also appear to be the most active and willing to offer vision and dental plans.

Celtic Insurance Company has a fairly large presence in providing medical insurance to the citizens of Delaware. Several of the major credit card companies that are based in Delaware use a system like the PPO program that Celtic offers for medical insurance. For example Delaware’s Celtic Insurance options include a PPO system where they pay eighty percent of your medical costs as long as you pay that fifteen hundred dollar deductible and a ten percent co-pay.

For those Delaware citizens who may have more cash to contribute in order to cover their medical insurance costs there is the Celtic HSA Indemnity Plan which has a five thousand dollar deductible and they pay one hundred percent of the medical costs incurred. That probably wouldn’t be a very popular medical insurance plan if you still had to pay that five thousand dollar deductible and they only paid sixty percent of your medicals costs while you had to pay the other forty percent. Medical insurance with that kind of deductible that only paid seventy percent would even be more of a raw deal. This is the reason why the deductible is so high though.

They offer a similar eighty/twemty plan for any doctor called AnyDoc, but because you have a choice of any doctor instead of their preferred doctor you have to find a twenty percent co-payment. Extra choices typicalls means more costs when you are discussing medical insurance.