Cheap Health Insurance in Colorado (CO)

One of the medical insurance companies known to just mainly Colorado citizens is Patriot Medical. Patriot Medical offers medical insurance to people who travel a lot and do not have time to stay planted in one community for an extended period of time due to their business or lifestyle needs. Patriot Medical claims to be able to process your medical insurance claims within ten days. They also can apparently offer you up to two million dollars in coverage. It sounds like a fairly exclusive club of clients as far as medical insurance within the state of Colorado goes.

These are people who can jet set to Argentina or Paris for a week and still be able to afford up to two million dollars in medical insurance coverage. It truly sounds too good to be true given that they claim to let you work with their staff on what is a fair deductible to pay on a monthly basis. There must be some awfully bad copayments involved or they are just willing to let you see any doctor you want anywhere in the world and just let you suffer the consequences of what might happen. Patriot Medical deals with your health care issues while you are overseas as well. Patriot medical coverage is the kind of medical insurance that is likely to have airlifted away from some foreign country and brought back here by helicopter to the state of Colorado.

Tonik health care which is an offshoot of Blue Cross, Blue Shield and all their divisions with the medical insurance in Colorado is aimed at 19-29 year olds within the state. Many young people tend to believe that they are not going to get sick for a long time or that they simply can’t afford medical insurance. Well Tonik claims to cover your A-Z needs.

Only having to pay one hundred and thirty seven dollars a month with a forty dollar copay might be reasonable enough to get a lot of people to buy Tonik medical insurance. That fifteen hundred dollar deductible may be way too steep for someone who might be living off a student loan. It would be an interesting study to see their sales figures and actually investigate whether or not they are really getting young people in Colorado to buy medical insurance. It is truly hard to be hip especially when you are trying to sell medical insurance, but I can’t blame Blue Cross/Anthem/Tonik for trying.