Cheap Health Insurance in California (CA)

Blue Shield of California is a major player in making sure the citizens of California receive some form of medical insurance. A unique thing about Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California is that they do offer six PPO based plans that are Health Savings Account eligible. The bureaucracy and some of the misinformation that is out there regarding Health Savings Accounts is remarkable and it should not be difficult to attempt to get a tax break so you can write off some of those burdensome medical costs. This is why it is so impressive for Blue Shield of California to offer a total of six plans that are Health Savings Account eligible. They have over forty five thousand medical care providers who subscribe to their PPO plans, of course this means that if you do use one of their preferred doctors your costs will be lowered. Maternity leave and some other related costs dealing with child birth don’t appear to be covered by some of their PPO plans, this is a disappointment, but a reality about the state of medical insurance in the state of California.

Blue Shield of California also has HMO plans to address things such as dental insurance. People tend to prefer the HMO plan for dental care because of the relative lack of paperwork that you have to fill out in order to receive the services. The process of getting a referral for your dental care does not raise your copayment for a visit with a specialist under the Blue Shield of California HMO medical insurance plan.

The fifty dollar annual deductible for dental insurance under the PPO plan is also very reasonable as well. Things like x-rays and cleanings are completely covered under the PPO plan as long as you use one of the approved dentists from their network. Your child can also visit the orthodontist under the PPO plan at a very reasonable rate. There is a bit of a waiting period to have your claim approved in case the orthodontist has to perform extensive work. This is typical for any major procedure, whether it is a basic physician, dentist or orthodontist. There usually is some sort of waiting period.

They also claim to offer enhanced dental benefits for pregnant women and even offer them coverage when they choose to use an out of network dentist. This is a very kind and reasonable move on the part of Blue Shield of California. Good dental care is very important.