Health Insurance: Plan Type Differences and Advantages

Insurance is a great benefit for cutting out-of-pocket expenses on health costs and services. There are many different health insurance companies and many different health plan types. Insurance can be complicated, so it is sometimes difficult to understand the differences between the most common types of health plans, but each […]

The Unintended Consequences of Obama’s Medical Plan

I think if you look at the plan, you will soon realize that the whole point of it is to seriously reduce inefficiencies / costs in the system, as the current state is a non-competitive, out-of-control, inefficient system. If anything, it will be yet another competitor to the marketplace. I […]

Obama’s Medical Plan Unveiled

As many of you may have heard, Obama is in the works for a national health insurance program. You can read the Obama medical plan here. It aims to offer a cheaper government insurance plan that will cause the big insurance companies to lower their premiums. This definitely sounds like […]