Obama’s Medical Plan Unveiled

As many of you may have heard, Obama is in the works for a national health insurance program. You can read the Obama medical plan here. It aims to offer a cheaper government insurance plan that will cause the big insurance companies to lower their premiums. This definitely sounds like a move in the right direction for some, but is it really?

With more and more of the population becoming uninsured (40% of America), the burden to cover the bills of the uninsured is paid by those with insurance. At this rate, the system could collapse when no one is able to afford insurance anymore. My initial thought is that the Obama plan will cause taxes to be raised in order to subsidize costs.

Just because the insurance is cheaper doesn’t mean doctors will suddenly charge less right? Who wants doctors that work for beans, or, are those doctors perhaps inclined to be more ethical because they are not motivated by money? What are your thoughts on this?

In the next post, I will further detail some of the pro’s and cons.

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